1. How do I make a reservation?

    • Click on the shop tab and you will see reservations next to current releases.
  2. Do I need to have a reservation?

    • No, reservations are only recommended for customers in lager groups or those trying to do a max tasting.
  3. What is the max party size?

    • We recommend that parties stay under 12 people. Any parties larger than 12 can not order max tastings.
  4. Do you offer food?

    • We have food trucks on site every day during business hours. They may leave earlier if they sell out.
  5. Can we make reservations on event days?

    • We do not allow reservations on event days so we can provide quality service.
  6. If the reservations are full can I still come to the winery?

    • Yes, we have three sections of tables at the winery. We have the self serve section for customers that want to drink by the glass and bottle (no tastings in this section). Then we have general seating for customers that require a server for tastings(no max tastings during busy hours). Lastly, we have the reservations section for parties and customers wanting to enjoy the max tasting.
  7. When do you have live music?

    • We have live music every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  8. When does live music start?

    • Fri., and Sat. 6pm until 9:30pm
    • Sunday 3pm until 6:30pm
  9. Do you accept walk-ins?

    • Yes, just check in with the Hostess.
  10. How do I become a vendor?

    • Please email us a quick summary of your business to operations@ermarosewinery.com
  11. Where can I find information on when food trucks, bands, and vendors will be at the winery?

    • Please check our events page or our social media pages.
  12. How do we add ErmaRose Wines to our store or restaurant? 

    • Please email us at wholesales@ermarosewinery.com.

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