ErmaRose Winery Launches with First Official Event

ErmaRose Winery Launches with First Official Event

Jennifer Prothow made headlines in November 2018 when she announced that she would be opening the area’s first and only fruit-based winery in 2019. ErmaRose Winery, named for Prothow’s two grandmothers, is now gearing up for its grand opening.

On March 16 from 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. ErmaRose Winery will host its first official event as a winery. “Sweet Art Wine Show” will be held at VFW Post 8790 and will feature ErmaRose’s famous blends, sweet treats from master baker Tresheca Zachary, art displays from popular local artists, and food trucks.

As a Marine veteran, supporting the veteran community was Prothow’s first priority in choosing where to host ErmaRose’s kick-off event. VFW Post 8790 Commander Hector Giron got Prothow involved in the local VFW community, so she decided to have the event at the VFW to show her support.

“I’m very big into the veteran community,” said Prothow. “When I got out (of the military) Hector was just very supportive, so I decided to have the event at his post to try to get the VFW some awareness and hopefully recruit a couple of new members.”

The event is completely free and open to the public. Each visitor is given a ticket for a free tasting for each ErmaRose vintage. The wines will be available for purchase at the event.

For Prothow, being an active part of her community is the heart of her winery. That’s why she incorporated so many other local businesses and entrepreneurs in her opening event. In addition to a free tasting, each visitor to Sweet Art Wine Show will get a cake bite from master baker Tresheca Zachary, owner of Treats by Tresheca.

Zachary’s cakes are nothing short of masterpieces. The cakes invoke a sense of still life art- except they are entirely edible. Treats by Tresheca will also be selling her cakes at the event, but every visitor gets a taste of her art for free.

Popular local artists Alyssa Paul and LaShun Beal will also have their one-of-a-kind pieces on display.

As part of Prothow’s commitment to supporting the veteran community, the event will also feature art from a program called “Warriors in Art”. “It’s a program where they teach veterans artwork. They teach them how to draw and how to paint. I’m giving them an avenue to sell their art after they’ve gone to the classes,” Prothow explained.

And since no launch party would be complete without plenty of food, Sweet Wine Art Show will have “Pat’s Wings on Wheels” food truck serving up fried wings for visitors. Prothow wanted to feature chicken wings and comfort food at her event because she believes her wine is best paired with fun, casual food.

ErmaRose Winery is redefining the wine industry, especially for the local community. It’s launch party will introduce ErmaRose wines to the world in a fun, free, and inspiring event that you don’t want to miss!

The VFW Post 8790 is located at 1560 Foley Street, Houston, TX 77055

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